End of January

The end of January was a fun week Monday started with a trip to the farm and then I stated my Animal Care Course on the afternoon. Tuesday started with a 20 minute solo walk with Robbie and then a trip to South Shields to take Butters out for a 30 minute Solo Walk and then a visit to Max for an hours walk and then it was a trip back home to pick up Ozzy Ben and Lola for an hours walk along the beach.20150127_122019 20150127_141846

Wednesday was a trip to Shields with Ozzy to visit Max again but for a 30 minutes where we did some lead work around the park and then it was a trip back home to walk Ben and Lola and Thursday was another solo walk with Robbie followed with fun and games with Ben and Lola.20150128_122327

Friday was a quiet day where Ozzy and I picked up Max and took him to the field to Play and then Saturday was a trip to the farm to bring Echo the horse in from the field followed with a trip to Washington to take Chai and Narla out for an hours walk around the park where we played with the ball.20150130_123831 20150131_171818