Fun in the sun

This week has been a mixture of lovely walks along with pet visiting. The weather has been cold but beautiful so can’t really complain with it only being February.

Anyway Monday started with a visit to see my mentor where we went through the boring paper work but needs must as April will soon come, and then it was time to go through more ideas.

Tuesday started with a trip to see Robbie for a short walk around the cemetery and then it was a drive through to South Shields to see Butters who we missed not having yesterday and then it was a trip to the field with Ben Lola and Ozzy.20150205_101525

Wednesday was another trip to see Ben and Lola where we played with the ball on the field, along with a visit to South Shields to play with max where we did a bit of lead walk and then had play time in the park.

20150205_140432 20150205_135837

Thursday was short walk with Robbie around the cemetery where it is nice to see him getting excited for a walk and enjoying being outside, then it was a visit to South Shields where we went with Max to the big field near South Shields beach where is could have a good run about. Just before travelling to Shields we went to see Chai a cross between a miniature poodle and a collie and Narla a whine Marana were we spent time playing with the ball to break the day up for them.20150205_123341 20150206_114814 20150205_123237

Friday was the last day pet sitting Chai and Narla it was lovely seeing them again, they give lots of nice hugs and kisses, we had fun and games in the back garden with the ball and had lots of cuddles and then it was a trip to the beach with Ben, Lola and Ozzy.20150206_132924 20150206_133154 20150206_133159 20150206_132739