The Snow is starting to go

Well what a week it has been weather wise, from visiting the farm which has been full of snow to coming back home and finding not much snow but very icy. Poor Echo has had to have a day in from the field this week as it was just to slippy to let him out to play with the other horses, but he was still happy munching away on his hay.

20150119_083430 20150119_094204

Back at home we all just managed to stay on our feet while out with Robbie and Butters, but we did struggle a little bit with Ben Lola and Ozzy, they still had lots of fun and games with the ball though and max well he always has fun especially when you introduce him to a new friend, he was introduced to Ozzy this week.

20150122_111300 20150120_113456 20150122_143528 20150121_132725