Manic Monday

Well we did it got through today one lead down, all dogs still in tact, and horse managed a safe trip to the field,

We drove from High Barnes to South Shields walked for an hour and a half with Barney, Max, Harry and Ozzy round the academy field jumped in all the puddles managed to stay on all legs and paws while crushing through the ice, then it was a trip to see the pups who helped me drop all of the doggies off back home, and then time for a play for them, then it was time for a trip to Roker Park for a half hour walk with the Greyhound and Whippet. It was then time for another trip to Shields to Visit Butters for his 30 minute Solo walk, then it was back to see the pups for there dinners. Defiantly a fun packed day for the pooches and me who will all sleep well tonight.  20160118_150752 20160118_101020

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