Round up of the week before

The weekend started with a few meet and greets, meeting the lovely Ozzy, Spencer and Jack.

Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday we were joined by the handsome Butters who likes to greet you with a big colourful football before heading out for a walk around his local area, he then rushes back to have his treat that his owner always leaves waiting for him.20150305_114250

Tuesdays and Thursdays is when Robbie goes for his outing around the cemetrary and finding new paths around his local area. He seems to be enjoying his walks more and more as each week goes on.20150305_111530

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays is when Ben and Lola seem to take me for a walk we have a trip through the cemetery and then to the local football field where it is ball time.20150304_114951

Ozzy and Spencer had their First walk with us on Monday and they joined us again on Wednesday and Friday, Spencer walks along by your side while waiting for the ball to be thrown and Ozzy leads the way to your destination the football field before running backwards and forwards he loves to play.

Belle joined us for doggie day care on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday where we went to the beach most days with the weather being so nice.20150304_100751 20150304_124746