Nothing but cuteness


What a great weekend this weekend has been we have had 2 most adorable Pomeranians stay with us and of course Nancy who has been with us almost 2 weeks now and Ozzy who has coped very well with these young dogs running around him, he will defiantly be getting a yummy present next week.


Leis cuddled up to her big sister Lexi
The Pomeranians arrived on Thursday night for 3 days and were nothing but a pleasure we have been on a few little walks around the fields which to the 5 month old Pomeranian must have looked like a forest, she also had her first little trip to the beach today.

Sisters playing in the garden
Leis first time at the beach
Lexi and Leis exploring the area

IMG_20150508_223717                                                                                                          Nancy the labrador has made a new friend Lexi

All boys and girls even slept well through the night no crying, they all went straight to sleep must have been all of the new adventures and playing