George is a little Yorkshire Terrier who stayed with us for a week while there owner was on holiday.

He is a lovely little boy who loved nothing more than lots of cuddles, followed by playtime. He also enjoyed going for morning walks along the coast and around the park and night times around the local streets. When getting his lead he used to make little barking noise, then when you managed to put the lead on he would run round in circles. When you were out of the door he used to run to the end of the lead, he loved all the different smells along the coast and the park too.

Before going for walks George would have his breakfast which for a small dog he can certainly eat, he gets very excited and his food must be gone within a few minutes.

The First and Second night were tricky nights as he was used to sleeping in his owners bed and didn’t understand why he had to stay in his own bed in a strange house. We then decided to help him settle in better we would take it in turns sleeping on the sofa to make him feel more comfortable which he seemed to love.

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