Back to the beach

You can feel spring getting closer with all of this lovley sunshine we have had this week. Monday and Tuesday mornings were filled with a nice trip to the farm with Ozzy to see Echo, where we went for a stroll around the bridle paths20150209_100238 20150209_100141and then it was a trip back to Whitburn to walk Robbie and then a trip to South Shields to take out Butters.20150209_114112 20150210_110753Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons were filled with a trip to the beach with Ben and Lola where they played with the ball and ran in and out of the sea20150210_140727

Thursday Morning was another visit to see Robbie where we had a nice little walk around the local streets and cemetery, it was then time to go and pick Ben and Lola for there afternoon run and play on the field. After the afternoon walk it was time to go home and prepare for our night time lodger who was visiting for a week George.20150212_130129 20150212_210050When Friday  came it started off with a lovley walk along the beach and around the park with little George, which was then followed with a trip to South Shields to walk and play with little Max.20150213_101504 20150213_134747On Saturday is was another walk around the park with George and then a trip to South Shields with Ozzy to visit max where we went to the beach.20150214_132030 20150214_132033